Your time is valuable, and apparently you've been assigned with doing something that's probably not in your everyday job description, i.e. getting rid of office furniture and business furniture your company no longer wants or needs.

If that describes your situation, let's get started by learning some basic facts.

If you are trying to make a profit selling used office furniture and/or panel systems in today's economy, you are probably wasting your time. The used office furniture business is subject to the same basic business principle as your core business, that is,  "Supply and demand".

It doesn't matter how long ago your furniture was purchased or how much you paid for it, it is only worth whatever the market says its worth. Of course, there are rare exceptions to this rule, when furniture actually increases in value with time. For example, when we aided in the liquidation of Enron, Skilling's and Ley's office furniture didn't fit into this mold. And when Baker-Hughes was liquidated, Howard Hughes' personal office had some unique significance and value.

But when in comes to your everyday, run-of-the-mill office furniture, there is a very good chance that in today's economic climate, the market is awash with used office furniture that is the same, or very similar, to what you are trying to liquidate.
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When we acquire an inventory, it is not with the purpose of reselling it to the general public.

We separate inventories into smaller, bite-sized pieces then sell or auction those smaller inventories to used office furniture dealers who have a need for, and can afford to buy, in smaller quantities.

Here is an example of how our business model benefits you:

Let's suppose that you want to sell 50 desks and credenzas, 50 executive chairs, 150 side chairs, 200 5-drawer lateral file cabinets, a 24-foot conference table, 50 conference chairs and a receptionist station.

Used office furniture dealers are going to look at that inventory as "Good" and "Bad".

"Good" in the sense that their inventory may be light in one or two of those items and they can use your inventory to fill-in the holes. "Bad" in the sense that they are over-stocked with other items in your inventory and they simply don't need or want any more of the same merchandise.

When we acquire your inventory, used office furniture dealers have the opportunity to buy just those items they need to round-out their inventory or fill a particular order. They are not required to buy inventory they don't want or need just to get a few pieces that they can use.

The end result is we can sell bite-sized pieces for more money, which means we can offer you more money for your used office furniture, panel systems and cubicles.
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You Have Some Options

A. If the quantity you're trying to liquidate is less than 5 or 6 offices, your chances
    of selling it are limited. Anyone who is interested in the furniture is going to
    incur moving expenses getting it out of your building. Those moving expenses
    are probably going to be more than your furniture is worth.

In a situation like this, call us ....
We may be able to offer a solution -- 713-429-4987

B. When dealing with larger quantities of furniture, panal systems or cubicles, you
    can get in touch with a used office furniture dealer. These are companies that
    sometimes buy used office furniture, then move it to their retail facility and offer
    it for sale to the general public.

    Once again, with the down-turn in the economy, there is a good chance that the
    used office furniture dealer you contact will have a warehouse of inventory very
    similiar to what you are trying to get rid of. Why should a used office furniture
    dealer pay for, then incur the expense of moving, the same kind of inventory
    that's sitting on pallet-racking in his warehouse collecting dust? ....

C. When dealing with larger quantities of used office furniture, panel systems or
    cubicles, many companies call Sorth and Associates. Our business-model is
    unique in the used office furniture industry.
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Sorth and Associates has been in the used office furniture business in Houston,Texas since 1984.

Over the years, we have gained valuable experience in disposing of used office furniture, panel systems and cubicles for many of the country's most high-profile companies.

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Call us regarding your liquidation needs. Regardless of the size of your project, we'll be happy to get "hands-on" involved or simply give you some helpful advice.

Although our specialty is the liquidation of used office furniture, cubicles and panel systems, we have the expertise and experience to aid our clients in the disposal of virtually any asset including inventories, heavy equipment, machinery, rolling stock and real-estate.

We have the ability and experience to BUY, BROKER, AUCTION and APPRAISE your company's assets. We also have extensive experience in managing charitable contributions and conducting employee sales.
Since 1984
If not done properly, getting rid of used office furniture can get unnecessarily complicated.
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